How often do we find ourselves observing houses that, in their intentions, would like to distinguish themselves from monotony and impersonality, but which are then reduced to being only the umpteenth reproduction of many other solutions already seen?

Edilceram Design thinks to homes as spaces where architecture and the culture of beauty can harmoniously merge to create infinite possibilities and combinations.

In this sense, the choice of color is fundamental.

The suggestion of color


The colors direct and seduce the eye, transmit emotions, enhance and characterize the spaces becoming distinctive elements of each and every one.

Above all, never as much as right now, colors like.

For a long time, the trend in interior design has been minimalist style with the typical neutral colors that distinguish it.

Today, on the other hand, we are increasingly seeing a reversal of the trend, allowing liveliness and freshness to take the place of such rigor and austerity.

Even in the modern bathroom, color is the protagonist: the new washbasins introduce us to the most used and relaxing room par excellence, among bright nuances and pastel shades, clearly detaching itself from the classic total white style. The ceramic finishes and materials used in the washbasins play with color palettes that, oscillating from the softest shades, turn to glossy and lively enamels.

The new collections of the companies in our sector all focus on new shades that bring the bathroom back to the center of the domestic space: whatever their shape, the colored bathroom fixture and furniture are the stylistic feature chosen to personalize the environment, thus breaking its flatness. The embellishment of the furnishings goes from the living room to the most intimate area of the house: the bathroom, as well as service, is a multi-comfort place that does not subtract the objects that make it up to the aesthetic value. In fact, it makes use of elements that, although functional, participate in the definition of the overall style. For this reason, they must be chosen with care and overall vision.

The shade specialist brands


The brands we love the most like Ceramica Cielo, Flaminia, Artceram, Valdama, have opted for the colors of the sky, the earth, nature, freeing themselves from any standardization. For example, rust and copper colors are widely used.

Inkiostro Bianco, Glamora, Wall&Deco, instead, propose a wide choice of wallpapers to draw one or more walls of the bathroom so as to emphasize a particular area of the bathroom itself such as, for example, the shower area reproducing motifs visually reminiscent of the sea, or the wall behind the sink cabinet painting it with flowers of different colors. These papers can also be personalized with subjects or colors that come closest to our style. In short, real works of art that will help us to free, even for just a few minutes, our mind from the daily greyness!

Some of our major wall tile brands, such as Tonalite, Abk, Casalgrande Padana, and Mutina, have also introduced colored or designed tiles on the market, starting from pastel or watercolor to stronger and more vivid shades.

Our advice, therefore, is to place the emphasis on specific areas of the bathroom, so as to create impressive details.